I utilise dialogue as an anchor point connecting both physical and verbal language to explore live performative elements in my practice. I alter and distort the mouth inhaling, exhaling, manipulating air to create sounds, utterances and reverberations.Playing on languages transient nature, abstracting it in the process, transforming the meaning of the spoken word into physical manifestations.


Working with language and the spoken sound, I am drawn to the performative aspects of speech, the mouth and how it moves. Inhaling, exhaling, manipulating air to create sounds, utterances, reverberations and its transient nature. Breaking speech down to it's simplest gestures, abstracting it in the process. Investigating language on a meta-level, I try to understand language. Transforming it into art, language becomes an ornament.

Using structural forms and the reflection of multiple images to mirror the abstract nature of the work. The creation of holograms gives the work a presence. It takes a personality of its own, heads floating in space, resembling natural forms which relate to the viewer.The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted.

Type, Type, Type, 2017.Type, Type, Type, 2017.

Durational Performance, Limerick School of Art and Design